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"Finding Comfort in Tradition"

"Hello there! I stumbled upon your business through a post about supporting Sudanese enterprises. I couldn't contain my excitement when I discovered that you specialize in crafting incense and bakhoor. You see, my best friend is Sudanese, and growing up, her mom's incense was a cherished part of my life. Amidst these challenging times, I find solace in burning incense regularly, and I simply cannot wait to incorporate your amazing products into my routine. Thank you for offering such a wonderful addition to my life!"

Sydni B


Sudanese Experience

Our khumra & perfumes come in a wide variety of scents that complement every culture and lifestyle.

customer testimonials
"The perfumes are to die for"

"Your products are beautiful and the perfumes are to die for! Thank you for the bakoor. It was lovely and so beautifully packaged. I gifted it to my mom and she loved it! I will definitely be ordering again and telling my Sudanese friends about your company!! It’s so nice to see our products out there in the market. Well done, habibti! "

- Hana F

exquisite scents

Transform your home

Imagine walking into a beautifully scented home that instantly uplifts your mood and transports you to exotic destinations. Introducing our ultimate collection of Sudanese bakhoor and air fresheners that will fill your space with captivating fragrances.

Customer testimonials
"This is the scent I have been waiting on for 30 years"

"I have used sudanese bakhur since 1985 and it is the only smell I have really loved. I have searched for many years and did not find nor could I describe to anyone. thank Allah i found you. I love everything sudanese. I can't get enough. I have a burner that uses a t candle and a tray above. It burns slower and lasts for 3 hours. Thank you so much. This is the scent I have been waiting on for 30 years. All the women I knew went back home and I could never get it all again. Thank you so oooooo much. I will enjoy forever.
I am so excited and happy"

- Lois W

Crafted with

Precision and Care

Our signature products are meticulously curated, utilizing premium ingredients sourced globally. Each item undergoes expert formulation, precise assembly, and thoughtful packaging, ensuring an unparalleled standard of quality in every order.

Customer Testimonials

"السلام عليكم، انا طلبت الاوردر ده هديه لزوله عزيزه علي في عيد ميلادها حرسلو ليها. انتي رهيبه ومنتجاتك رهيبه وانا مبسوطه جدا من التعامل معاك وحفضل ارجع اشتري منك لكل البحبهم"

"Hello, I ordered this gift for a dear person on her birthday. I sent it to her, and she absolutely loved it! You're amazing, and your products are amazing. I am very happy with dealing with you, and I will continue to buy from you for all the loved ones. Peace be upon you."

- Eman E



قاتل قاتل قاتل بخور دهن العود انا جربتو بالجد معجزة ماشاء الله تسلم يدك يا نهال

Fairfax, VA

Obsessed! The Meroe scrub made my skin feel so soft and the body cream is the perfect combo! Love it love it, will for sure restock on these!

Lorton, VA

I finally found the best scent with sudanese bakhur. It relaxes the lungs for breathing and calms the skin. Best way to describe.

Salisbury, NC

I can attest to that!!! My coworker said I have baby skin I love it so much I am afraid to finish it ( also that my husband will find it ) it really is great, and smells like heaven . My skin is so sensitive and Meroe scrub just works for me, I also use Meroe butter after shower and it just make me soft and smell good all day

Lorton, VA

تبارك الله الليله وصلت الطلبيه حاجاتي وحاجات بنتي جبت بخور وخمر وبتي جابت زيوت عطريه ومخمريه ومجموعه جسم الحاجات وصلت لي سالمه وبسرعه وبنتي حبتا شديد وانا غنجت بكم حاااجه كدا ربنا يوفقك يابنتي حاجاتك ابدااااع ماشاء الله ربنا يزيدك من نعيمه

Fort Worth, TX

جربت صندوق العروس الخمره مازي خمرنا السودانيه المتعودين عليها حاجه كدا فخمه وريحتها درعه ياسلام عليك يانهال والعجب بخور الصندل مازي بخورنا دهن العود عامل شغل الجن واصلي الابداع وغيري وطوري وعليك الله اعملي لينا ريحه جديده من خمره الضفره برضوا بالتوفيق يابنت بلادي

Rochester, MN

Sandal with Dehn Oud Bakhoor is small but powerful. So a little does a lot. The scent is not weak, but strong and clearing. At first I was worried it would not be enough, but a single pinch has filled my kitchen, dining room, and living room with a wonderful warm clean fragrance.

Newark, DE

I just received my order and let me start by saying WOW! This is by far the most beautiful, professional, and elegant package I have received in such a long time!!! The candle is amazing, the Date Night is gonna make me plan one tonight 😂 but seriously it made me proud that a Sudanese lady created this line . And she wrote me a personal note ❤️❤️❤️ along with a free gift ( 3 samples of Khumra) I was so touched! Everyone in the house wanted to know what’s going on. Thank you so much, this exceeded my expectations and arrived in few days. What an accomplishment, keep up the amazing work.

Lorton, VA

I'm glad I found these cedar balls! I placed them in my closets (where many of my winter coats hang) and I haven't seen any moths. I also put them in my old chest and they work great to remove the musty scent. No need for baking soda. A nice amount in the bag. Decent smell - it's not overpowering. I'm very happy with the results.

Orlando, FL